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Icey Nails Brand Ambassador Application.
2024 Sponsorship Application.
Join the team and become an Icey Nails ambassador! Icey Nails is on the look out for talented and passionate individuals from the USA and Canada to represent the Icey Nails brand and it’s core values in all aspects of beauty and nail art culture. Sign up to be a social media influencer and receive gift cards, beauty supplies like nails, custom nail sets, lip glosses and accessories. Requirements are you must have an Instagram & Tick Tok account with a minimum 100 followers, and be following my all my social media pages below. You must also be a natural at modelling I expect beautiful photos, examples are below and in my photo gallery. Please leave a note of your email, social media information and your name and age. Also let us know what you like about the brand any items like what’s favourite nail set, lip gloss & colours? Feel free to ask questions if you have any, I promise I will get back to you ASAP! 
Instagram: @iceynails.ca
Ticktok: @iceynailsbeautyspa